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Our In-House team of Graphic Designers will design the perfect graphics to promote your company and brand!


Our team of specialized photographers will provide high quality photos for all of your digital and print needs!


Our team of specialized videographers will provide first-rate videos for all of your digital marketing needs!


Our In-House team of skilled professionals can provide all of the PR needs for events and companies of all sizes!

Our Services

At What's New in ABQ, our photography and videography services are of unrivaled quality, ensuring that your commercial or personal moments are captured in the finest possible light. These services are critical for improving brand image, engaging customers, and safeguarding personal milestones. With us, you are guaranteed outstanding images using cutting-edge technology and creative expertise, ultimately resulting to better engagement, recall, and impact - a value proposition that any client would find vital.

1  —

Full Branding Package

  • Logo

  • Business Cards Template

  • Email Template

  • Color Palettes

  • Brand Typography

  • Product Packaging

  • Social Media Graphic Templates

  • Stationary

  • Ad Design Templates

  • One-Time High Quality

  • Photoshoot (30 Images

  • Provided)

  • One-Time High Quality

  • Videoshoot (3-Minute Video

  • Provided)

Cost $10,000.00

2  —


Hourly Rate

$30/an Hour
Flat Rate Packages
Package A - 25 Graphics - $100.00
Package B - 50 Graphics - $175.00
Package C- 100 Graphics - $350.00

3 —

Logo Design

Flat Rate


Branding /  Graphic Design / Logo Design

Our talented team of graphic designers is here to craft visually compelling assets that leave a lasting impression on your audience. Whether you need a fresh logo that embodies your brand's identity or captivating graphic designs for your marketing materials, we've got you covered.


We offer professional wedding photography to preserve your special day and commercial photography to strengthen your brand's presence. These services are available to meet a variety of demands. Our multi-location solution provides for diverse and dynamic locations, delivering a unique visual narrative that is suited to each client's needs. Whether it's a moment of personal joy or a professional portrayal, We can bring your vision to life.

1  —

Business Photoshoot

2 HR Packages


*Includes professional product shots and headshots. 50 High-Quality Images Provided.

2 —

Multi-Location High Profile Photoshoot

Single Day Package


*Includes professional high-quality photos taken at multi-locations w/ lighting, 20 Page Portfolio and 20-40 high-quality Images provided.

3  —

Wedding/ Event Package

8 HR Package

$2000.00 (250 Photos)
4 HR Package

$1000.00 (175 Photos)
2 HR Package

$500.00 (100 Photos)

*Both the 8 HR and 4 HR Packages include a 20 Page customized wedding book.

4 —

Hourly Rates Photography

$50/ hour
Photo editor:
$50/ hour

*Smaller Packages are Available for Custom Packages


Our videography services deliver high-quality, professional videos to clients in a variety of settings. Whether it's capturing the essence of your wedding day with beautiful cinematic shots, creating engaging and polished business videos to promote your brand, or creating multi-location videos that tell a compelling story, our team uses cutting-edge equipment and creative expertise to deliver videos that stand out. The services are tailored to fit a variety of requirements, providing viewers with distinctive and effective visual content.

1  —



Bulk Cost Rate for Video Package


*This would include directing, script writing, a full 3-5 minute video for the event, and photos for the event to be included in the video and given separately for business marketing uses. This includes full coverage of the event and any additional coverage needed before the event. All raw footage will be given to a client (cost of the drive is not included if we are required to purchase a drive to deliver raw high-quality content).

2 —

Multi-Location High Profile Videoshoot

Single Day Package


*Includes professional high-quality videos taken at multi-locations w/ lighting, 20 Page Portfolio and 40-60 high-quality Images provided.

3  —

Wedding/ Event Video Package

Multi Location Package (Includes Full
Coverage of the Event)


4 —

Hourly Rates Videography

Video Director:


Script Writer/Marketer:
Video Editor:
Video Rendering:

Public Relations

Our public relations services are focused on managing your brand's image and building strong relationships with your target audience. We develop communication plans, assist you in navigating media engagements, and handle crisis management to preserve a positive public perception. Essentially, our purpose is to function as a liaison between your organization and the general public, ensuring that your message is effectively communicated, your brand is consistently represented.


Sponsorship Packages

What's New in ABQ's expert team of marketing consultants are here to ensure your event receives the sponsors it needs for its success! All PR packages include the creation of a sponsorship package that can be utilized to connect the right sponsors to your event! 

*Utilizing What's New in ABQ's sales team is available through a separate contract.


Event planning and Outreach

What's New in ABQ will work one on one with your company to ensure that your event is planned

correctly from day one! This includes connecting you to assets needed for your event including connecting you with the right master of ceremonies (MC), live entertainment, venue and more! Once the event is planned What's New in ABQ's team will work with your company to manage all online assets including but not limited to ticket pages, event venue pages, graphic templates and more!


Media Coverage

With new events popping up around the corner every day getting your event covered by the media is essential! What's New in ABQ will provide all media services for your event from press releases, to the creation of media kits and organizing of media interviews while acting as your events pr representative or instructing/ training you to represent yourself!

Packages and Pricing

Graphic Design, Photography, and Event Coverage is included in every one of our packages.

12 Month Package - $15,000.00

06 Month Package - $8,000.00

03 Month Package - $5,000.00

*25% of PR Packages total are required once contract is signed with the rest to be paid within (30) days of the event.

Marketing Consultation

Different businesses have different needs! There are plenty of marketing strategies that will work for your business many that can be done best in-house. What's New in ABQ's team is available to train your staff to ensure your in house team is excelling in all forms of marketing! In addition to training What's New in ABQ will connect you to businesses that will help your company grow in conjunction with theirs ensuring you have a great business relationship that will provide revenue for both businesses for years to come!

Marketing Consultation includes the following services:

  • Training of Staff

  • Creation of Digital Assets

  • In-Depth Analysis and Connection to Potential

  • Business Partners

Hourly Rate

$100 / hour

*Details for Marketing Consultation will be discussed beforehand and agreed upon by both parties.

Contact Us Today!

Custom contracts are available for all packages!

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